Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Your FINAL Blog

The final Friday of the course means the final BLOG of the course, as well! Follow the instructions, as usual...

A) Find a picture to start your last blog! Maybe something that represents the semester or it's end or the course or something else appropriate!
B) You are the first class in ECDrury history to try this 'semester of blogging' experiment. If you could reflect on it a little bit next, that would be appreciated. Your feedback will help for future years of 'bloggers'.
1) Overall, did you like or dislike "Friday Blog-days"?

2) What was your favourite blog of the semester (you may need to look back through your blog)?

3) What was your least favourite blog activity?

4) What other blog activities do you think students might like?

C) Every course I like to ask students what they thought to try to improve it in the future.

1) What was your favourite activity/part of the class this semester? Why?

2) What was you least enjoyable activity/part of the course? How could it be made better?

3) Who was your favourite famous person we studied? What other famous person do you think students would like to find out about?

D) Look around (electronically) at the work on these blogs that your classmates have done this semester. Surf through some of them, read them, and comment on at LEAST 4 different people's blogs. (remember to be appropriate) List who you have commented on at the bottom of your own blog.

E) Sign off on your blog with a good-bye message to any potential readers!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Monday is your summative!!!!

EVERYBODY - all "Booklets" and "Creative Pieces" are due at the beginning of class.
ALMOST EVERYBODY - should be ready to present on Monday unless you have made other arrangements with me
Some advice:
BOOKLET - make sure all components are present
- make sure the editing is PERFECT - USE proof readers!!!

CREATIVE - be sure there is a clear connection to you project
- makes sure you follow all of the conventions of the type of project you have chosen
- make sure it reflects a strong effort!

PRESENTATION - be sure you have rehearsed; it should be smooth/polished
- try to involve the class so this doesn't happen:

- be sure it involves extra A/V elements

- don't read off of sheets - you're the expert! You don't want to look like this.

Use today's class to finish any last minute details, improve your project, or take a partner into the hall to rehearse your presentation.

If you have any questions, ask Mr. F.!