Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today you will create a facebook page for your favourite character. Many students will choose Spaz or Lanaya, but Little Face, Ryter, Billy Bizmo, Lotti Getz, and other characters are options as well!

Sign into Facebook by creating a new identity (one of the characters!). You may need a secondary email account to do this.

Before you get too far into building a character, make a FRIEND REQUEST with "Mean Ol' Featherstone" - that's your teacher. The whole class will be linked to this page. You can 'FRIEND' other classmates, as well, of course.

Fill in the FACEBOOK PAGE as if YOU ARE the character. Include pictures, likes, dislikes, etc...maybe links or lists that apply. Explore the platform, but make everything suitable for that character!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009



First off, read an Autobiography of our class novel's author, Rodman Philbrick.

1) How old was he when he was first published? How long did this take?

2) What do you think makes him a good writer?

Next, today's blog asks you to find images that fit our class novel. Use an image search site like google image, choose your key words carefully, and select the best pictures possible.

Find an image that fits each of the following. Put them in today's blog.
A) Spaz
B) Ryter
C) Little Face
D) The Proov Girl
E) A Monkey Boy
For each, put a heading. Explain why each picture fits the character.

Done early? EDIT!!! Look at some of your classmates' sites. Make comments. Are you sure that YOU are fully caught up?