Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today you will create a facebook page for your favourite character. Many students will choose Spaz or Lanaya, but Little Face, Ryter, Billy Bizmo, Lotti Getz, and other characters are options as well!

Sign into Facebook by creating a new identity (one of the characters!). You may need a secondary email account to do this.

Before you get too far into building a character, make a FRIEND REQUEST with "Mean Ol' Featherstone" - that's your teacher. The whole class will be linked to this page. You can 'FRIEND' other classmates, as well, of course.

Fill in the FACEBOOK PAGE as if YOU ARE the character. Include pictures, likes, dislikes, etc...maybe links or lists that apply. Explore the platform, but make everything suitable for that character!


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  2. Thank you , great idea! We are about to start a similar idea, can we visit what the students did?
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  4. Hi,
    My name is Ivy Meighan. I am a student at Ashford University Online, completing a master's degree in Teaching and Learning with Technology. This week, your blog was one of the examples of learning assessment tools we were given to observe. Teachers should do this more, it's a great way of allowing students to open up in class.

  5. Hi,
    I am a student at Ashform University Online course I like your blog, and more teachers should look at this. I also teach 9th-11th grade, this would be something to get the student doing other thing beside coming to school talking about things on social media that does not relate to class work.


    Great blog.