Tuesday, March 31, 2009



BEFORE continuing with today's blog, BE SURE that you finished last week's blog. Many didn't, and I will be marking your blogs again very soon (before calculating your midterm mark).

Click on your face to the right under 'followers' to see what I will see when I mark you! BE SURE YOU ARE CAUGHT UP!!! Check the various blog days below or cross check with a neighbour to be sure!

You have researched a topic that is related to the novel (as assigned in class).

1) Type your write up as a new blog entry. Use sentences and paragraphs - proper english language use, please!

2) Edit carefully! Use the spell check. Have others help. You will be marked on this!!!

3) Make the format/layout attractive! Paste in at least one picture that will add to your blog.

Done early? Research the novel, the author, or one of the other topics on the sheet that interests you!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Today we explore a sub-genre of fiction known as Cyberpunk!

Before we begin a) read the 'tips' on the right and b) read 2 NEW classmates' entries and comment upon them.

Read this description of Cyberpunk.

Definition of Cyberpunk
"Cyberpunk" is a sub-genre of Science fiction. It deals with slightly futuristic settings where computers, cybernetics and technology have affected our society. Often these worlds are dark and damaged - sometimes called "Dystopias". The stereotypical cyberpunk novel is positively dripping with chromed artificial limbs, bizarre prostheses used to ill ends, futuristic slang and lingo, crazed artificial intelligences and genetic manipulation run amok. The concept is more subtle than that, however. The underlying aesthetic is often one of going beyond the flesh. Drugs are a prominent feature of many cyberpunk books as are powerful Corperations and government powers, "underground" subcultures, as well as a variety of vices and crimes.

The most famous Cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer by W. Gibson, has a character named Case that "jacks" into the Matrix not just for work, but for liberation from the "meat"--the ability to play unfettered in a purely mental arena, a "consensual hallucination." Similar ideas have been used in the Matrix movies. Bladerunner, Aeon Flux and Total Recall are other examples of cyberpunk influenced movies. There are computer games and Anime that involve this genre, as well. Ideas from this can also be found in our class novel, The Last Book in the Universe.

A) Watch this scene from Bladerunner:


1. List the futuristic things you noticed about this clip.
2. What mood is created? How does the film maker set the mood?

B) Read the "book back" and comments about the novel Neuromancer.


3. What types of things about this book might appeal to you? (Pick 2 or 3.)

C) Find a Cyberpunk Character!

i) Go to google.com and research images. Try words like "cyberpunk, science fiction, cyborg" etc. in your search.

ii) Find a picture of someone you don't recognise (ie. not a movie star) that you like that fits the idea of 'cyberpunk' as discussed above!

iii) Copy the picture into your blog.

4) Write a character description about the 'person' you selected. Some considerations: What is their name? Physical traits/powers? Personality? What do they like to do? Do they have a job? Do they have friends? Enemies? What does their home look like? Hobbies? Favourite food? Music?

5) Edit this CAREFULLY before posting. Have others proofread it!

D) Done early? Look up more Cyberpunk related "stuff" at http://project.cyberpunk.ru/idb/scifi.html or http://top100.cyberpunk.co.uk/ or http://en.wordpress.com/tag/cyberpunk/ or http://misery.subnet.at/2007/index.html or through google.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Famous People in Advertising

Famous people, big money, product promotion and your thoughts about these ideas are what you will be exploring today!

Before you start, read at least two blogs that other classmates wrote last week and comment on them. Be nice!

A) Here you will find some pictures (9 pages of them, actually) of celebrity advertisements. Look through them.
i) Which one do you like the most? Why? Would you buy the product?
Paste their advertisement below your answer.
ii) Which one do you like the least? Why?

Watch these celebrities promote a video game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bXkvhzYt-k

B) Here is a list of some of the top celebrity endorsements:
Do you think celebrities deserve this kind of money? Why/why not?

C) Read the following article on celebrity endorsements:
i)How much influence do celebrities have over what people buy?
ii) Do you think this is too much or too little?

iii) Michael Phelps, multi-gold medal winning swimmer, has been dropped by Kelloggs after a picture of him smoking an illegal substance was exposed. Do you think this is right? (1 paragraph, min.)

D) i) Copy a picture of the famous person you are studying to your blog.
ii) Copy a picture of a product they might promote. (hint: use google images to find almost any product or person)
iii) Tell us why you chose this product.

Done early? Research your famous person or find images of them that you might use in your project!