Tuesday, March 31, 2009



BEFORE continuing with today's blog, BE SURE that you finished last week's blog. Many didn't, and I will be marking your blogs again very soon (before calculating your midterm mark).

Click on your face to the right under 'followers' to see what I will see when I mark you! BE SURE YOU ARE CAUGHT UP!!! Check the various blog days below or cross check with a neighbour to be sure!

You have researched a topic that is related to the novel (as assigned in class).

1) Type your write up as a new blog entry. Use sentences and paragraphs - proper english language use, please!

2) Edit carefully! Use the spell check. Have others help. You will be marked on this!!!

3) Make the format/layout attractive! Paste in at least one picture that will add to your blog.

Done early? Research the novel, the author, or one of the other topics on the sheet that interests you!

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