Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Feb. 20 Blogging

As mentioned in class, you need a jpeg picture of your face to do this one.

1) Download your picture to your desktop for easy access.
2) Sign up for an account at
3) Look through the many different "people" you can put your face on. Choose one that you want to use.
4) Click on it and follow the instructions. Manipulate your face to make it match the "hole".
5) Save it on your account - then you can save it to your desk top.
6) Put the picture on today's blog. (If you wish to permanently save any pictures, save them to your G drive).
7) Write an entry under your picture. You may want to address such topics as
- Why did you choose that picture?
- How did it turn out, in your opinion?
- What do you think about the famous person you have used?
- Did you have fun creating your picture?

You may use this new picture as your profile picture, if you like (especially if you don't have one yet).

Done early? Look at some other blogs and comment if you wish, or try another "face in hole"!

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